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Jetspin Casino

Jetspin Casino

Jetspin Casino is an online casino where members have access to a range of games from video slots to table games to live games.
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Sportingbet Casino

Sportingbet Casino

Sportingbet Casino is an online casino that gives every kind of gambler a way to play.
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Joreels Casino

Joreels Casino

The site is available straight from a web browser or players can use their mobile casino.
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Campeonbet Casino

Campeonbet Casino

Campeon Casino is an online casino where members can play a host of games from slots and table games to sports and live games.
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Slot apps that pay cash in Canada

Distinctive features of slot apps in Canada

The rapid development of information technology has generated a situation that today a few people can imagine their life without a mobile phone. Modern gadgets are very difficult to attribute to the category of ordinary phones, limited only by the functions of receiving calls. Now they serve as full-fledged organizational as well as entertainment complexes. We can also call them mini-computers. Let’s try to figure out what are the major distinctive features of mobile versions of Canadian casinos.

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The high technical performance of the latest gadgets and the ever-increasing speed of Internet connection provided to subscribers by mobile operators have caused the growing popularity of mobile applications. It’s no wonder gambling apps have become extremely popular.

Reluctant to lose part of the consumer market, virtual casinos increasingly began to provide the ability to download mobile applications, the installation of which would enable people to play their favorite games at any time. Mobile casinos are becoming an indispensable attribute of the contemporary player. If you install a casino app, you will be no longer plunged in boredom when traveling by subway or train, hanging around between student lectures, etc. In addition, mobile applications of online casinos are a great way out for those who are away or for some reason still don’t have a personal computer.

When considering mobile applications, it should be noted that in terms of technical characteristics they are in no way inferior to their counterparts – desktop versions. So, the interface and functionality of these devices are completely identical. The only difference that immediately catches your eye is the size of the screen.

Regardless of the operating system of your smartphone, you can always find a suitable gambling app for your handset. If your smartphone is run by Android, you won’t be able to use iOS apps on it. Gambling joints normally give a choice to download an iOS or Android app.   

Well, to start playing you need to download an app on your mobile device. However, it’s not the only way to play slots on your mobile device. Some gambling institutions allow users to play on their smartphones without downloading and installing apps. Check it out before trying a casino on your handset.  

Registration and payments: challenges         

Despite casino applications give us exceptional freedom to gamble on the go at any place, they have certain downsides. One of the evident shortcomings of the mobile casino is the inconvenient registration process. An operation that takes just a few minutes on a desktop computer can be a daunting task if you try to carry out the procedure on your mobile device. Certainly, after spending some time you can register. However, when it comes to further replenishment of the account, the cons will become even more obvious for you. You might even require at least a temporary computer. However, there’s one good way out if access to a PC is impossible.

Most often, online casinos that provide mobile versions, among the payment methods mention payment via SMS. However, this option is just starting to be implemented. Otherwise, the best option would be to deposit and withdraw money using a computer, tablet or laptop. As for the gameplay, here you have no limits. You can launch games on your gadget and enjoy them.

The inconvenience of navigation

The second disadvantage of mobile gambling platforms is the inconvenience of managing gaming software. However, if you are a fan of video slots, then there will not be any big problems. Having set the number of paylines and the bet, it will only remain to press a single button. However, with video poker or roulette, where the exact cursor is required, some issues may arise. Nevertheless, modern phones with large screens and touch control are quite capable of coping with such challenges.


As you see, gambling mobile apps have become a wonderful option for casino lovers. Now they can play their slots even in the woods. As for a number of issues, they will be undoubtedly resolved soon because progress doesn’t stand still. 

Satisfy your gambling needs via an app in Canada

The issue of mobile gambling is a rather interesting one all over the world and in Canada in particular. Both iOS and Android have numerous free casino applications, which, however, are not friendly with the real cash payments. Developers do not want even to start spreading free slots that pay money in Canada as this country is among those with legislative restrictions for such activity.

Is it possible to play slot machines that pay cash in Canada on smartphones?

Despite the fact that there are no free slots that pay real cash in Canada in official stores, online gambling on smartphones is available. Producers of slot apps that pay cash represent their browser versions of online gambling, which are adapted to work with mobile devices.

5 most popular free online slots that pay real cash in Canada we can recommend:

  1. Spin casino (the primary benefit is the most reliable among users)
  2. JackpotCity online casino (the key advantage is the biggest start bonus)
  3. LeoVegas (it has the widest variety of games)
  4. Ruby Fortune (it’s only for live dealers)
  5. Betway (it boasts the fastest payments)

All those online slot machines that pay cash in Canada were tested and showed a high level of reliability. Moreover, they have a few undeniable advantages that should be mentioned:

  • Official licenses;
  • Confirmed withdrawal;
  • More than 10 years of experience on the market;
  • Hundred of games;
  • Different bonuses.

 Additional useful tips to overcome restrictions in Canada

One of the most common problems related to free slots that pay cash in Canada via official apps is the inability to make financial operations. However, if the concrete online casino has an approved app, one can provide financial operation in the browser while playing in a convenient application. In this case, making operations with money outside the app will overcome iOS and Android scary of inside-app cheating.

Best real money slot machine apps for iphone

Your iPhone as a real gambling machine

The market of virtual gambling entertainment is growing and developing rapidly, and the corresponding audience is expanding every day. Therefore, in order to occupy and maintain a leading position in the market, software developers need to offer users more interesting, comfortable and modern products, for example, casino games for their Apple devices.

A huge amount of financial and human resources is involved in the search for new non-standard solutions. Leading providers refuse to use typical solutions, such  as traditional reel spinning. Instead, they equip games with numerous bonus options as well as additional payment options.

These days one can observe a tendency to the gamification of slot machines. Due to a large number of innovative solutions, impeccable quality of graphics and animation effects, an exciting storyline, multi-level gameplay, they greatly resemble full-fledged computer video games, drifting away from their mechanical prototypes.

Making the right choice for your mobile gambling 

If you come to a casino’s website and see a mobile version available to download for free, it doesn’t mean that it’s really good. Some inexperienced players make a huge mistake when they simply find the first software on Google Play and start using it. Needless to say, it’s an erroneous approach because there are over 90% of bad gambling joints on the Internet. It’s a very rough estimate because, in reality, the percentage is much higher. Moreover, some resources exist for a very short period of time, and it is impossible to get any statistics on them.

By opting for these casinos, you can not only lose your money, but your personal data can also be stolen from your gadget. You don’t want to face such a terrible consequence of your light-minded approach, do you?

If you’re a prudent person, then you will not visit any fraudulent mobile casino for real money. Instead, you will take advantage of our list of gambling platforms that operate legally under license.

You will benefit a lot if you stick with the gambling joints offers by us. They are really honest and outperform their rivals in many regards. Their total prize pools are often represented by six-digit numbers. They offer many VIP privileges for high rollers. Moreover, their software solutions are top-notch. Only a few casinos will be able to compete with them on in terms of winning opportunities. By the way, actual information on regulators is presented on each of these sites as well as information on their financial guarantors.

Worthy recommendations for players

The lobby can include not only virtual games but also game products presented in a live format. Of course, it is recommended to use the second option only if the Internet is fast and stable enough so that you aren’t thrown away from the game and you don’t need to download some files once again. In all other cases, any slot, whether it’s video poker, roulette or blackjack is always preloaded. After that, the data transfer becomes minimal in volume, and there are absolutely no delays in the animation.

  • Be careful with the controls. You can accidentally click on Spin with your fingertip before adjusting your bet and by default, it may not be small.
  • Close third-party applications before entering the best mobile casinos, especially if your gadget’s RAM is not large.
  • Do not run “heavy” games (for example, Marvel slots) with a slow, unstable Internet.
  • If for some reason the selected gambling platform in the list didn’t suit you, you need to choose another. They are all different, but the main thing is that the casino, you are going to opt for, needs to be honest and reliable.
  • Do not forget to use an updated browser so that all functions are displayed correctly.
  • Win as much as possible but you should stay cautious. Control your emotions and gambling passion.
  • It’s not recommended to activate the “automatic login” option with a password entered. It’s because someone else might make use of your tablet or smartphone, especially a child.

It’s time to enjoy slots on your iPhone

The human need for entertainment can be easily pleased nowadays due to a great variety of portable gadgets, in particular, Apple devices. People usually use them to:

  • listen to music;
  • read books;
  • play different games.

However, real slot machine apps for iphone give another level of positive emotions. The undeniable superiority of such real money slot machine apps for iPhone is the ability to win real cash, which doubles or even triples satisfaction. Nevertheless, there is one huge problem despite the great desire of people to spend their time gambling.

Cheating and legislation

Apple corporation has rather tough conditions for slot apps that pay real money on iPhone due to safety issues. The absence of single international legislation in this field only enhances the problem. As iOS devices have worldwide spread, the company tries to build common rules for different regions to avoid any kind of cheating. They decided to restrict the possibilities of every iPhone slot machine app that operates with real money to protect users of fraud.

The necessary compromise

Such strict security issues forced developers to ignore real money slot machine apps for the iPhone and focus on cash-free analogs to satisfy the gambling desires of users. There are thousands of similar applications but not all of them are equally good. We decided to form top-5 free apps for gambling that everyone will enjoy from the official apple store.

We focused on the following criterions:

  • iTunes rating should be higher than 4,7
  • Rating should be formed on more than 50k responses
  • Variety of games
  • Visualization and design

After careful review of the available casino slot apps for iPhone, we formed the list below:

  • Double Win Casino Slots Game
  • Slots Classic: Casino Slots 88
  • Ellen’s Road to Riches Slots
  • Gold Fish Slots Casino Games
  • Golden Casino: Slot machines

You can 100% trust any gambling iPhone app from this list. You can look up reviews online. You’ll certainly find that users trust these resources and have a good time with them.     

Rank of online gambling slots paying real money

How to play slots successfully

Anyone interested in gambling naturally wants to know how to win playing slots. Here below we’ve collected a bunch of worthy tips on the subject. 

Video slots turn out to be the most popular category of games in any online casino. Slot games are in great demand among the majority of visitors to gambling joints due to a huge number of advantages. They’re attracted by the simplicity of the game process, exciting gameplay, and bright graphic design.

Before giving examples of the most common methods that increase the chances of winning when playing slots, you should get the basic understanding of their structure. Thus, you will avoid misconceptions and mistakes often made by both beginners and experienced gamblers.

The basis of any slot machine’s represented by a random number generator that creates a random numerical sequence displayed on the screen as a combination of game symbols, winning or not.

Each random number generator goes through a certain cycle, displayed on the playing field in the form of rotation of the reels of the machine. However, it’s impossible to calculate which combination will be winning, from a technical point of view.

Therefore, all currently existing strategies relating to a certain order of betting, calculations of the frequency of various combinations, changes in the rotation speed of the coils are absolutely ineffective. For the same reason, casino employees can’t change the technical parameters originally set by the provider.

The following recommendations are the provisions of the only optimal strategy. Well, it doesn’t guarantee you a 100% victory. On the other hand, you can make the gameplay much more streamlined and efficient, which will significantly increase your chances of making good money:

• Take the opportunity to play for free without registering in a demo mode. As a rule, users with substantial experience tend to win playing slots much more often than beginners. Therefore, before you start playing for real money, you should get familiar with the theoretical features of a particular slot, control panel, etc. Thus, you can decide whether this slot machine is suitable for making real bets and you will feel much more confident if you decide to play for real money.

• When choosing a slot machine, pay attention to its volatility, which stands for the frequency of payment of a casino slot. If you are dealing with a slot machine with a long cycle, large wins can be obtained after a fairly long series of losses. A short cycle (low volatility) means that wins will be much more frequent, but with smaller payouts.

• Another important nuance you should pay attention to is the choice of a machine with a high RTP (the theoretical percentage of return to players). The higher it is, the greater your chances of winning will be.

• Do not refuse bonuses offered by online casinos. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget about the terms of wagering.

• You’d better deal with slot machines with thematic bonus games, symbols with advanced features as well as other additional options.

• If you manage to triple the initial account balance following a series of successful spins, you need to stop or turn your attention to another slot machine. Otherwise, we give 90% that you will lose everything.

• You should make the correct distribution of bets. It’s necessary to determine the amount with which you can part with no regrets. You should divide it into several small equal parts and avoid going beyond the daily budget under any circumstances, regardless of whether you are lucky today or not. This method allows you to significantly extend the gameplay and chances of a profitable end of your gambling day.

• It makes sense to communicate with other players on specialized forums, blogs, and other thematic resources to get a valuable piece of advice.

Having a good time with online gambling slots

The decision to play online gambling slots that pay real money for entertainment is much easier than choosing the best website for this action. Despite the fact that most online gambling slot machines for real money are rather similar, differences exist and should be taken into consideration. The most important parameters for best choice are presented below: 

  • The availability of license;
  • The speed of money transfers;
  • Their starting bonus amount;
  • The variety of games;
  • Technical issues and how it works.

All those items were analyzed before we made the final list of top-5 casino slots that pay real money. The importance of every element can be discussed but we paid the greatest attention to the safety of the users. Other aspects are also important for online gambling but they are nothing without the first one.

Rating of real cash slot machines

  • JackpotCity: It’s one of the leaders on the market of online gambling slots that pay real money. Having the greatest variety of slots, they also present the biggest start bonus for new users, which looks really interesting.
  • Spin Casino. It’s another representative of the real cash slot machines that is available online on diverse devices. It was founded at the turn of the millennials. Spin Casino has fewer games and smaller bonuses compared to JackpotCity. However, it’s still the best choice for most users.
  • Ruby Fortune: They’re dedicated to live dealers despite the market is fully online. Even though they have rather strict payout conditions, their unique proposition is highly rated on the market.
  • Gaming Club: It’s an online gambling slot that pays real money. Itcomes withone interesting feature that is not available on other reliable websites. They suggest a double deposit bonus, which means that the user will be happy not only during the first funds depositing.
  • Royal Vegas is the last representative of real cash slot machines in our rating. Except for the traditional set of benefits, Royal Vegas is the online gambling resource affiliated with other representatives of this business, which enhances their reliability.

After all, everyone chooses the most essential aspects on his own, so the final choice of entertainment is fully up to you.

Best online slots paying real money in Canada

Earn money playing slot games

We can’t imagine today’s gambling without slot machines. They give players a storm of emotions. Anyone can have a try by just using a demo mode. However, you might have already reached a certain level of professionalism in gambling and need to go ahead. Well, it makes sense for you to try playing slot machines in Canada. Get ready to deposit your money and withdraw your earnings. You will never have such bright emotions in a demo mode.

Well, playing for money in slot machines has a number of evident advantages. Despite the fact that the machines operate on the basis of random number generators, you should clearly know the basic features of navigation, the rules of the game on a specific slot and so on. To play slot machines for money you need to register with the chosen online gambling platform.

How to start playing Canadian slots for cash

The first step is to choose a loyal operator who offers to play on the most favorable terms. You should also make sure they offer high-quality customer support and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods.

The game on slot machines for money becomes available immediately after you deposit your balance. It’s easy to do. A special tab on the casino’s official website will tell you which deposit and withdrawal methods are supported by the resource. The player transfers money to his account in the casino using popular payment systems, electronic wallets, bank transfers, SMS banking etc. Once the funds are credited, you can start the game by making real bets. In order to withdraw your winnings, you need to submit an appropriate withdrawal application and specify the required payment system. Keep in mind that deposit methods are not always the same as withdrawal ones. Withdrawal of funds takes a different time based on the chosen deposit method and the rules of the gambling platform. The player may have to confirm his identity by sending copies of the relevant documents to the casino’s email address.

You aren’t limited in the choice of slot machines now. Their diversity is really striking. You can choose from roulette, card games, video slots, lotteries, table games, etc.

Many players face the problem of initial investment. So, there’s a situation when the player has no money or he’s afraid to replenish his account. Modern casinos offer such players to receive a no deposit bonus, enabling them to start the game without replenishment. Reliable and proven resources enable casinos to make such a move, so the presence of a no deposit bonus serves as a kind of advertising for the institution. In our rating of Canadian casinos you will find companies with the most attractive bonuses.

The player just needs to register, download and install the platform’s software. Having done this, he can request a no deposit bonus. The received no deposit code is entered in a special field. The no deposit bonus has strict requirements for wagering. You need to take this crucial nuance into account. If the wagering conditions can’t be fulfilled, you won’t get this bonus. A no deposit bonus can be withdrawn only by recouping. Therefore, you need to concentrate and create all the conditions for an effective game process.

Online slots for real money Canada: precautions

When gambling in Canada and anywhere else, you need to always remember that kind of entertainment is extremely risky and at any time, you can end up losing a lot of money. As follows from this, a light-minded approach to gambling is dangerous.

Despite it’s your leisure time suggesting a storm of emotions, you need to be able to effectively control them when making bets. You should approach your gambling with a ready-made plan that includes the amount of your funds you are ready to sacrifice without seriously affecting your budget and a well-built strategy enabling you to drastically minimize your losses while increasing your chances to win.

Some folks say that it’s unreal to work out an effective strategy to play slots because a casino has always a mathematical advantage over their users. Nevertheless, you can notice some regularities in their algorithm and try to make the most of it. If you don’t want to crack your head over an effective strategy, at least be cautious and it would be a serious contribution to limiting your losses.     

Play Canadian slots and get real cash

The intense way of life of modern people is directly influencing their choice of how to relax. The ability to play app slots for real money can be among the most effective because it presents a few undeniable features:

  • Online gambling for real cash gives higher adrenaline rates;
  • The variety of app slots allows to forget about the challenging reality;
  • A perfect visualization turns the mind of the individual to another world;
  • You can enjoy a possibility to win real money while some slots can still have free spins.

Best online slots paying real money in Canada 2019

Canada is among the countries where legislation and regulation of online casinos are still not the clearest one. However, the online market for gambling services is available for citizens and their joyful entertainment. Hope and passion are the two primary driving forces that facilitate to play slots online and win real money in Canada.

Among the most reliable and highest-rated app slots that propose real money are the following:

  1. Spin casino
  2. JackpotCity online casino
  3. Royal Vegas online casino
  4. Betway casino
  5. Play Amo
  6. Ruby Fortune
  7. Gaming Club

Important features one has to take into consideration

All those representatives of the online gambling business have few common features:

  • A successful history on the market for years;
  • Appropriate licenses to provide their activity;
  • Registration bonuses;
  • Easy withdrawal of cash;
  • Huge variety of slots and available games;
  • A high return to player percentage.

What is important, all the highlighted gambling websites are available not only in Canada but also in other parts of the world. Most of them are tightly working with Microgaming and develop their sites. There are still legislative issues concerning iOS and android slots for winning real money, but those online slots present nice working versions of their websites via the browser of smartphones. All these make enjoying online slots for real money in Canada a simple and reliable process.

Best online casino bonus for first deposit in Canada

Talking about the best canadian casino bonus for the first deposit

The number of game resources is growing rapidly worldwide, so the level of competition is drastically getting higher. That’s why virtual portals are trying to develop new work strategies to attract a larger flow of visitors. One way to make the gambling resource more popular is the first deposit bonus.


Tasty first deposit bonuses

Numerous portals have developed a whole system of reward players, where each bonus has its purpose and conditions of use. Each gambling platform tries to look as attractive as possible in the eyes of potential visitors and for this purpose they use all sorts of tricks.

Gifts from the casino can be divided into two main groups:

• Encouragement for the account replenishment: This group includes the first deposit bonus that the player receives immediately after he deposits a certain amount to his casino account. So, this gift is given only to those who decide to play seriously and contribute their own funds to the game.

• No deposit bonuses: The given gift can be received immediately after registration. So, to use it you do not have to replenish your account.

Each such gift has its own terms of use. If they are respected, you can make the bonus useful and get real benefits from each bonus.

Types of no deposit bonuses

Virtual gambling has given the world a lot of innovations, but the opportunity to play for casino money is the main gift from the organizers of gambling joints. You can start your acquaintance with the world of excitement without investments because many casinos in Canada provide excellent chances for your victory and joy. Just for this purpose, no deposit bonuses were invented that unlike a gift such as a first deposit bonus, can be received with a zero cash balance.

Such types of promotion can be divided into several categories:

• Free spins: The casino gives players an opportunity to spin the reels on certain machines for free. You won’t have to pay for these rotations, and the chances of winning remain as high as when playing for money.

• Freeplays: This type of bonus takes the form of game money that can be used for bets.

• Cash prizes: A casino can also give out certain amounts of money, so the possibilities for playing become unlimited.

Despite the fact that all these gifts seem attractive and very generous, they have a number of restrictions and special conditions of use.

  • Free spins can be used only on certain machines.
  • Game money should be used for a certain period, otherwise, you will be deprived of this option.
  • All cash rewards are subject to the wagering system: So, you can’t just withdraw them from the system.

Most of these bonuses are intended for beginners who have just started playing on the portal. Many clubs support a policy of attracting new players and offer rewards for registration. On the one hand, such a gift from a casino helps to better understand this culture and even draw certain conclusions for yourself regarding a particular platform. However, such bonuses are very difficult to win back and it is much easier to deal with rewards that are issued to replenish the deposit.

How to grasp a deposit as well as registration bonus

The first deposit bonus turns out to be a common phenomenon, which has become widespread in gambling. To receive such a gift, you must stick with standard schemes. Each gambling joint has its own system for receiving bonuses. Well, some no deposit bonuses can be received immediately after filling out the registration form, while other gifts can be obtained only after the activation of a certain promotional code.

Once you replenishing your account, the bonus will be yours but don’t forget that each gift has wagering conditions. If the gambling joint just handed out money, it could not work long in this market. The bonus has a different task. It should excite the player and make him play more often and more. Every gaming portal tries to develop its own reward system. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully read the terms of use of their bonuses and develop a specific strategy when playing for money at a casino in Canada.

Enjoy first deposit bonuses in Canada

Nowadays, those who decided to start gambling have quite incredible conditions. Canadian online casinos present a variety of bonuses that can be used in the game. One of the most valuable is the first deposit bonus, which became extremely high in 2019. For instance, the best 1st deposit bonus in the online casino can be up to $2500 in Canada. Certainly, some bonuses for the first deposit can be no more than $100, but they usually present other benefits like free spins.

Best Canadian casinos with signup bonus

The top-6 best Canadian casino bonuses for first deposit are presented below:

  • Dream Vegas – $2500
  • JackpotCity – $1600
  • 888 – $1500
  • LuckyDays – $1500
  • Golden Tiger – $1500
  • Play Amo – $1500

Be Aware!

However, not all those huge free bonuses are easy to grab and withdraw and one should be very attentive.

  1. Terms and conditions: Before making a final decision about the preferable online casino, everyone should read terms and conditions for bonuses attentively. There are many diverse aspects that should be considered before the user would be able to withdraw funds or use bonuses correctly. Amount restrictions or minimum deposit can ruin the first impression and further entertainment as well.
  2. Different bonuses: Also, there is a huge diversity of bonuses that are available for new gamers. Well, you can count on:
  3. Welcome gifts;
  4. Casino deposit bonuses;
  5. Free spins;
  6. Diverse VIP points.

All these gifts are pleasant but they are different and one should be attentive when choosing the first online casino.

In order to receive the best 1st deposit casino bonus, one should be careful when viewing terms and conditions. Just looking at numbers can’t be enough. If you are careless and inattentive, you may end up losing your interest in the gambling world forever due to a sudden loss of money, for example. With a serious approach to gambling, you can avert many fatal things and your bitter disappointment.

Unleash the Jungle Excitement with Our Jumanji Slot Infographic

What’s that? You still haven’t given the newest Jumanji™ slot a roll? Well, we can promise you this: after you take a long, hard look at our very special infographic highlighting the game’s incredible features, you’re gonna be unable to stay away. Simply scroll down a bit, give our Jumanji™ slot infographic a look-see and discover what lies inside the mysterious, wooden box!

Jumanji™ Slot Infographic to Complete the Experience

Have you had the chance to read our breakdown of the Jumanji™ slot in our recent news article? Even if you have and are now familiar with the slot features, you can be sure the infographic will simply add to the whole experience and evoke your fondest memories of the original Jumanji movie from 1995. Trust us, NetEnt’s special graphics will make you feel as if you’ve travelled straight into the game, no less!

Tell Us Your Thoughts

Without further ado, let us present to you the Jumanji™ slot infographic in all its glory! Oh, and after you’re done inspecting every inch of the image, make sure you tell us your impressions of the game and infographic alike at our forum – we can’t wait to hear your side of the story, too!

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